My book club only makes book selections from the annual BWB bibliography! Catholic group leader, Honolulu, Hawaii

I have been a part of a group for 15 years. Each week BWB is vital and vibrant. This is too good a secret! Episcopal group member, Shreveport, LA

Participation in my BibleWorkbench group provides guaranteed spiritual stimulation and over time has altered for the better my approach to challenges and problems. Episcopal group member, Silver Spring, MD

BibleWorkbench became READING BETWEEN THE LINES with the Advent issue (November 2015) of our 23rd year of continuous publication! Our subscribers and contributors requested a name change to better reflect this resource and our method (to learn about our method: click here). 

We asked our subscribers and supporters to provide feedback and comments on our resource and they responded! 


The scholarship is excellent. I learn something new every week. The parallel readings are sensational. Baptist group member, Louisville, KY

BWB uses my brain and lets me draw my own conclusions. Presbyterian group member, Fayetteville, NC

Fayetteville, NC

For both clergy and laity,  BibleWorkbench  is, in my judgment, the single most important resource for engaging and internalizing the lectionary readings for each Sunday of the year. It is of great value for clergy preparing sermons and for adult study groups undertaking a serious and life-changing encounter with the Bible. Marcus Borg - Author, Lecturer, Historical Jesus Scholar

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  • How We Are Different +

    How We Are Different We tell stories. As human beings, spiritual beings, meaning-making beings, we tell stories. It is how we make sense of Read More
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    How It Started A Brief History of a 167-Year-Old Institution It all started it 1843 when someone left a baby on the doorsteps Read More
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    Vison and Mission We are an inclusive community of spiritual seekers, thinkers, educators and artists who create resources and opportunities Read More
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    We believe that the characters, events, situations, choices, images and symbols of the biblical narratives and other archetypal stories provide Read More
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    Around here we often say “If you can’t live with the questions, if you can’t imagine holding two very different Read More
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