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The lectionary-based TeenText process helps youth (grades 6-8 and grades 9-12) connect the text on the page with events in their daily lives. Through discussions guided by a series of open-ended, text-related questions, they begin to see the Bible as a vital, dynamic relevant resource--one that can inform them throughout their lives. And the TeenText process enables any interested/ committed adult to facilitate the discussions, since they aren't expected to have THE answer, or to be Biblical scholars or theologians. They simply need to be good listeners and open to their own spiritual growth. 

There are 12 monthly issues of TeenText per year.  Each issue contains all the Sundays for that month. TeenText is delivered via email.

Note: A subscription to TeenText  will provide you with 12 months of Sundays!

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TeenText Subscriptions

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  • How We Are Different +

    How We Are Different We tell stories. As human beings, spiritual beings, meaning-making beings, we tell stories. It is how we make sense of Read More
  • How It Started +

    How It Started A Brief History of a 167-Year-Old Institution It all started it 1843 when someone left a baby on the doorsteps Read More
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    Vison and Mission We are an inclusive community of spiritual seekers, thinkers, educators and artists who create resources and opportunities Read More
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    We believe that the characters, events, situations, choices, images and symbols of the biblical narratives and other archetypal stories provide Read More
  • Why We’re All About the Questions +

    Around here we often say “If you can’t live with the questions, if you can’t imagine holding two very different Read More
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